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Dental Implants at Casa DentalDental implants: Natural teeth have long roots that keep them anchored in your mouth. Dental implants replace these roots and provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth. Implants look and function like natural teeth, making them more comfortable and easier to eat with than dentures.

Bone grafting: Bone loss can happen when a tooth is missing or badly damaged, which destabilizes surrounding teeth. Bone grafts add volume to the jaw, shoring up areas where bone loss has occurred. In some cases, we may recommend a graft prior to placing an implant.

Implant crowns and bridges: Dental crowns cover damaged teeth, providing patients with a functional replacement without removing the natural tooth’s root. Bridges are a series of replacement teeth connected together and anchored by healthy teeth or crowns. We do our absolute best to preserve your natural teeth. However, there are circumstances when a tooth needs to come out – and often the sooner the better. Contrary to what popular media may have you believe, tooth extraction is routine and relatively painless.

Implant support dentures: Traditional dentures shift and can cause discomfit because they’re not well attached to a patient’s mouth. Implant supported dentures secure dentures firmly in place, reduce bone loss in the jaw, and help prevent shifting or remaining natural teeth.

Ridge augmentation: Our natural teeth provide structure that helps support our gums and jawline. When a tooth is lost or removed, ridge augmentation fills the gap and provides a solid foundation for a dental implant.

Same-day dental implant: It’s not uncommon for traditional implants to take weeks or months to complete. Same-day dental implants can be accomplished in a single visit. Patients receive temporary teeth on the day of their procedure, followed by permanent replacements once the mouth has fully healed.

Socket preservation: Naturally teeth sit in sockets where they attach to the jawbone. When a tooth is lost or removed, the tooth socket is exposed, opening a patient to infection and bone loss. Sock preservation helps prevent this and can be used to prepare the mouth for a dental implant.

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