What Are The Benefits Of Composite Fillings?

What Are The Benefits Of Composite Fillings?

At Casa Dental, our team encourages patients to consider the benefits of treating cavities with composite fillings in the Escondido, CA area patients have the chance to talk to Dr. Sukhman Panag-Virk and her team of professionals about their options for addressing decay effectively. She is pleased to offer composite resin fillings as an alternative to more concerning materials such as amalgam. Silver amalgam fillings used to be the standard in repairing areas of decay within teeth, but studies continue to show the disadvantages and concerns with this particular material.

Composite vs. amalgam fillings

Instead of using amalgam, many patients will want to consider composite fillings. This is due to safety and appearance. Silver amalgam fillings are made of approximately 50% mercury, a toxin to the human body. When the filling is warmed through dental work, drinking hot beverages, or chewing food, it can release toxins into the patient’s mouth. Instead, the use of composite resin fillings is much safer as the materials are safe for the human body. Silver amalgam fillings also have a tendency to expand and contract with temperature changes, causing areas around the filling to allow bacteria inside. This can result in a tooth infection that may later require treatments such as root canal therapy or permanent extraction. Composite resin stays in place, and because it is matched with the patient’s natural tooth enamel, it is difficult to spot when compared to the dark gray of silver amalgam fillings. With composite fillings, Escondido, CA area patients are making an intelligent choice for their oral health and wellness.

Composite filling benefits for patients to consider:

  • Composite resin is a material that matches natural tooth enamel
  • Composite resin does not expand and contract
  • Composite resin does not have harmful ingredients to the human body
  • Composite resin can be replaced as needed if it becomes loose or stained

What can I expect during my cavity treatment?

Patients with cavities treated with composite resin can rest easy knowing that the process is simple and completed during a single appointment. Before starting the filling process, our dental team will ensure patients are properly anesthetized and sedated, ensuring comfort before the dentist even starts. The area where the cavity is present is filed down. Decay is removed, and the tooth is prepared for the composite resin material. The resin material starts as a moldable material, allowing the dentist to fill the cavity and create a barrier to the hole left behind. Then, a curing light is shined on the composite resin to harden it. The resin is then filed and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel. The process is then complete, and patients can leave the dental office with their decay treated by a professional.

How do I care for my composite resin fillings?

Fillings don’t require much special care or attention. Patients will brush and floss their teeth after every meal as their dentist recommends. They are also encouraged to visit the Escondido dentist every six months as recommended by the American Dental Association. This allows our hygienists to provide a thorough cleaning of the teeth and the dentist to evaluate the smile to look for early signs of disease, decay, and other issues.

Are you looking for dental restorations offered by a cosmetic dentist?

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